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Service & Disabled Lifts are a North East based company specialising in supplying and installing service and disabled access lifts. We also focus on lift removal, repair and maintenance across a wide range of lifts nationwide.

Service & Disabled Lifts are a specialist company with over 30 years experience in the lift industry, providing the most efficient installation of service and disabled platform lifts in the market. We aim to make the process of installing a lift as simple as possible and pride ourselves in being able to adapt to the needs of every customer no matter what their timescales or budget might be to find them the right lift for their property whilst providing a range of after care package to suit their specific requirements.

At Service & Disabled Lifts we have a huge range of lifts to suit any environment, whether it be in a private home or a place of business. One of the main types of lift we provide is the dumbwaiter or service lift, this type of lift is usually a smaller lift used to transport goods between floors. The dumbwaiter lift is very popular within the restaurant, hotel, bar and private home markets it is seen as a very quick and easy way to move food and drink between floors without having the worry of dropping plates or glasses. The other side of our product range is the disabled access lift or the platform lift; these lifts are much larger and are built to carry people usually with limited mobility between floors either in a home or place of business. These types of lift are very popular within the private market as well as being very popular within any building that the public can access, due to current compliance and building regulations certain businesses must provide access for less able people.

The other side of our business is the services department. As well as installing lifts we also repair them, if a persons lift is broken we can carry out a full lift inspection and run a full diagnostic to see exactly what is wrong. The client would then receive an itemised list of the malfunctioning or broken parts and quotation to replace and install them to get the lift back in working order. Another service we provide is lift removal, there may come a time in a lifts life span or a building’s where it is time for a change and the lift must be removed. Our trained engineers will firstly visit site to carry out a full inspection of the lift car and shaft, then will then deliver a point by point document showing how the lift and all other related equipment will be safely removed from the shaft and a how we will dispose of any waste materials in a safe and efficient manner, as well as an itemised quotation. Our final service is maintenance, we offer a range of service agreements for any lift on the market to ensure the lift is kept in good working order and to provide any emergency support if needed.

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