Rum. Famous for being the favoured drink of pirates and scoundrels on the seven seas, but Alnwick Rum is also taking the landlubbers of the world by storm as it’s leaving its traditional heartland of Northumberland and crossing the border.
Why is it taking the world by storm you ask? Well this dark rum isn’t like conventional brews in that a secret recipe just dictates how it’s made (although it has one of them too); it’s different because its unique blend is then further enhanced by the addition of pot-still and continuous-still rums from the countries of Guyana and Jamaica. Bet you didn’t know Guyana even made rum!

North East RumAlnwick Rum has a unique history as it wasn’t just a rags-to-riches story which has continued on since its creation. The story of Alnwick rum begins over 90 years ago where a special recipe was created at the Alnwick Brewery Company, the recipe which was to endure for generations to come.

But even though the success was unparalleled, the recipe was tragically lost for over 20 years and this unique dark rum went out of circulation. And the loss of the recipe caused even more problems as the old brewery was then demolished in the 1980s.

Luckily, the son of the previous Managing Director of the old brewery found the recipe and production recommenced. As of today, this Northumberland rum has moved into a temporary base in Holland whilst they search for a new site to resurrect the old Northumberland-based brewery and bring what they call “the spirit of the north” back to where it belongs.

This dark rum is famous for combining both Guyanan and Jamaican rums, but the company has released some more of the ingredients of the recipe, just for its loyal customer base. In addition to these rums, the rum also combines dark chocolate and warm spices to give it its famous edge and a subsequent taste which will leave the drinker in a state where they will never forget the warm, loving embrace of Alnwick Rum.

But enough about the worldwide success of this resurrected brand, let’s talk about where you can try some of this rum of the past, the present, and hopefully the future. The official website of Alnwick Rum allows customers to purchase rum in quantities of either a bottle at a time or in bulk (and they offer discounts for bulk buying), so why not have a little tipple today?

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