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Tips When Moving House

Living a life in Newcastle has put a lot of sense for enjoyment, as the Tyne River splits the area into two; for football clubs and shopping habits. Who would rather not like staying in this place with great scenery and panoramic views? For mortgage hunters, options are exclusively the same with relatively fair prices that can meet your housing standards. A thirty-minute drive in Newcastle is best as compared to other areas in London. Many people consider Newcastle as a great place to stay and live in as it pays a good salary that will allow you to qualify and save a mortgage within the area. Once you have fully decided to transfer in Newcastle, here are certain tips that can help you when moving house.

The only secret when moving a house is successful planning, which means that you should start planning while there is still too much time left for you. Four to six weeks before the exact date of moving house, you must get quotes from removals Newcastle and compare the cost if you will hire a van yourself. Other removal services in Newcastle primarily provide package and insurance, so you need to ask them if they will require these things. Also, ensure that the removal firm has been a member of the “British Association of Removers” or better yet call 0208 61 3331. Once you make use of a removal firm, read on the contract to be familiar with the rules if something bad happens to your goods. Check your household insurance as well to secure that everything is in place.

After doing so, provide an inventory of goods that must be moved and send a copy on the removals Newcastle firm. It is advised not to move on bank holidays, Fridays and at the end of the school year as they are considered peak times. Having a list that contains the utility companies you need to notify is also necessary. Never forget to have it with you and notify the post office that your mail must be redirected as soon as you move. Do not worry as the service won’t incur you a charge, so the next thing you must do is to pack all items needed. Unwanted items can be thrown way on the bin or be given to charity.

One week before the final move, you need to cancel deliveries such as milk and paper. There is a need to defrost the freezer for the last three days. Also, hire removal boxes if they aren’t supplied by the removal Newcastle firm. Arrange the final billings for telephone, water, gas, electricity even the connection to your new house.

Additionally, never forget to send out cards to all of your relatives and friends that say “I’m moving house”, or better call them over the phone for immediate notice about your new home address. Also, throw out messy things and label boxes along with their contents.

On the exact day, turn off appliances while you take the final reading in the meter. Most importantly, include essential items in your survival kit that includes bed linen, mugs, toilet roll, kettle, cleaning items, milk, tea/coffee, bread, important documents, cutlery and plates.

These are the best tips when moving house.

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Wedding Venues Newcastle

As far as important moments in life go, a wedding day sits towards the top of many people’s lists. This one day in a couple’s life will be remembered for a lifetime by all that attend and remain relevant in the pictures that are captured on the big day. Planning a wedding is something that can take months and even years, and there are numerous factors to consider, from suits to food; however, many consider the biggest decision to be the choice of venue. When beginning the search for wedding venues, Newcastle may just be the perfect location.

Whether you are a resident Geordie or looking for somewhere to marry outside of your local town or city, Newcastle has something for everyone. Newcastle is commonly regarded as the capital of the North East and the city combined with the wider metropolitan area is a hub of culture and picturesque landscapes.

Newcastle upon Tyne
The Tyne Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne

For wedding venues, Newcastle throws up a diverse range of options, from city centre hotels to beautiful beach weddings looking out at the North Sea. There are a lot of factors to consider when planning your wedding; a large part of your decision will be determined by personal preference and whether you favour the more traditional affair or a unique and quirky experience. When planning the wedding it is wise to draw up a shortlist which includes several different venues. The hard part of doing this, especially in a city like Newcastle, is managing to get the list down to just four or five options, such is the choice.

For a wedding that captures the feel of the city, there are many hotels and churches in the centre of Newcastle that can provide the perfect venue at any time of the year. Those looking for a more serene option will find the numerous country manors and spa resorts in the wider area appealing, and traditional seaside resorts make for the ideal summer wedding.

As well as being home to some of the UK’s best wedding venues Newcastle is also the perfect city for the all-important wedding photographs. Professional photos will capture the happy couple on their biggest day and will remain in the family for generation looked on by grandchildren and great grandchildren, possibly inspiring them to marry in the Newcastle of the future. The city’s quayside which is shared with neighbouring Gateshead, offers some of the UK’s most iconic landmarks set along the banks of the River Tyne, photos taken here will perfectly capture 21st century culture. The nearby village of Tynemouth is also a perfect wedding photograph venue with a beautiful small beach set against the back drop of cliffs topped by a castle and priory.

With so many different wedding venues, Newcastle is most definitely the perfect location for the perfect day.