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Locally Sourced Food, Highly Recommended

In the past, people might go out for dinner at their local Newcastle restaurant for a meal. The food that they would eat for their meal would most likely have come from all around the world, which means that it will have been frozen. There’s no doubt that a good chef can still make this food taste great, however, the potential for taste is not fully harnessed.

This is why more and more restaurants are turning towards locally sourced food for their menus. Going to a Newcastle restaurant may be an entirely different experience when it comes to taste now as locally sourced ingredients are not frozen and they are not touched in any way. They are simply harvested then sent off to the restaurants, and then cooked. It keeps food fresh and it allows the very best taste to be experienced by those who eat it.

Furthermore, restaurants should realise that switching to locally sourced food also provides other benefits, apart from taste. The fact is that many eateries and other establishments are switching to locally sourced food because it brings in a lot of good press.

People love to know that the food was locally sourced as it helps the people who grow it in the area. It shows that they care about their community and that the restaurant wants to help. This is due to the fact that many local farmers are often driven out of business as foreign corporations are shipping frozen food for a fraction of the price, and sadly many low-quality eateries do go for price rather than quality.

This is why purchasing locally sourced foods is better. They add a story to the meal, it adds an authentic taste which will bring people in from miles around to experience it, and it enhances the overall dining experience.

And restaurants all around the Newcastle area are looking to acquire these benefits for themselves as local food is now making the North East of England into a major food capital. This will not only bring in a lot of money to the area, but it will also encourage those who grow the food in the first place to raise the quality of their goods. This can only be a good thing for the people of Newcastle and those who come to the area just to sample food in a Newcastle restaurant.

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Fancy A Tipple? Try the North East’s No.1 Rum

Rum. Famous for being the favoured drink of pirates and scoundrels on the seven seas, but Alnwick Rum is also taking the landlubbers of the world by storm as it’s leaving its traditional heartland of Northumberland and crossing the border.
Why is it taking the world by storm you ask? Well this dark rum isn’t like conventional brews in that a secret recipe just dictates how it’s made (although it has one of them too); it’s different because its unique blend is then further enhanced by the addition of pot-still and continuous-still rums from the countries of Guyana and Jamaica. Bet you didn’t know Guyana even made rum!

North East RumAlnwick Rum has a unique history as it wasn’t just a rags-to-riches story which has continued on since its creation. The story of Alnwick rum begins over 90 years ago where a special recipe was created at the Alnwick Brewery Company, the recipe which was to endure for generations to come.

But even though the success was unparalleled, the recipe was tragically lost for over 20 years and this unique dark rum went out of circulation. And the loss of the recipe caused even more problems as the old brewery was then demolished in the 1980s.

Luckily, the son of the previous Managing Director of the old brewery found the recipe and production recommenced. As of today, this Northumberland rum has moved into a temporary base in Holland whilst they search for a new site to resurrect the old Northumberland-based brewery and bring what they call “the spirit of the north” back to where it belongs.

This dark rum is famous for combining both Guyanan and Jamaican rums, but the company has released some more of the ingredients of the recipe, just for its loyal customer base. In addition to these rums, the rum also combines dark chocolate and warm spices to give it its famous edge and a subsequent taste which will leave the drinker in a state where they will never forget the warm, loving embrace of Alnwick Rum.

But enough about the worldwide success of this resurrected brand, let’s talk about where you can try some of this rum of the past, the present, and hopefully the future. The official website of Alnwick Rum allows customers to purchase rum in quantities of either a bottle at a time or in bulk (and they offer discounts for bulk buying), so why not have a little tipple today?

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What to Look Out For When Hiring an Electrician

Hiring an electrician to carry out work at home or within one’s business can be a difficult process because everybody wants to obtain the services of the best in the industry. But there are some things to look out for no matter whether someone is trying to hire south west or north east electricians. Failure to do things in the right way can lead to serious problems in the future.

What To Look For?

  • Are they willing to write the price down? If an electrician is unwilling to put a quote in writing then this should be a warning because some electricians have been known to go way over their initial quote. The issue is that there’s nothing one can do because nothing was given in writing.
  • Are they certified? There are a number of certifications which have to be included to carry out electrical work in the UK, but, ideally, all electricians should have more qualifications than the legal minimum. Just some of the certifications and qualifications include: first aid training, asbestos awareness training, the City & Guilds 2391 Inspection & Testing qualification, the OLF Approved Basic Safety & Emergency Preparedness Course, amongst others.
  • Has proper research being carried out? This is a question the individual has to ask themselves because if they haven’t then the chances are the best tradesman hasn’t been found.

Why Is This Necessary?

If the proper research isn’t carried out and no agreed price is written down then one can potentially be cheating themselves out of hundreds of pounds. It doesn’t matter whether someone is dealing with North East electricians or electricians in Northern Ireland because the principle remains the same.

  • An incompetent electrician may complete the job, but problems can arise later on which may need fixing. This can be a problem if someone is trying to sell the property, as well as costing the individual both time and money.
    Failure to do the proper research can mean that an incompetent electrician is found who may end up taking a deposit and then disappearing. This is a worst-case scenario, but it shouldn’t be ignored as it does happen, which is why a proper company address should be sought.
  • If an electrician doesn’t have a great track record then how is it possible to ensure top quality work? The answer is that it’s impossible, and that means an awful risk is being taken. Don’t allow the possibility of receiving substandard work and service at the hands of an amateur.
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North East Clothing Company Mastering the Gilet

The gilet is an interesting piece of clothing because it’s not quite a coat and not quite a vest. And it’s this grey area which makes the gilet so appealing to so many people. Le Breve has long created clothing of all kinds, but it’s the gilet which is making sure that it reaches new heights.

What is the gilet you might ask? Well the gilet is a piece of clothing available to both men and women which acts like a coat without the sleeves. It’s very customisable, very compact, and can work in all environments and with all types of clothing. And it’s this variety which has caused sales of both men and women’s gilets to surge forward.

The gilet can be worn with any piece of clothing and with any amount of clothing, so it can be placed under a fleece or a coat during the winter to keep warm, or it can be worn over a t-shirt in the summer and be removed at will. It’s the perfect tool to combat all weathers and any sudden climate changes as it also has a removable hood; which is essential in a place like the UK which has some of the most chaotic weather in the world.

Le Breve itself may resonate with many people because it was originally created by an entrepreneur with flair and enthusiasm in the 1970s. This meant that the brand gained unprecedented success in the 1980s, mainly through its line of jeans which were charging across the world like an unstoppable force.

However, the brand did fade into obscurity somewhat which meant that a resurrection was in order. This resurrection came in the form of its new base in Gateshead, and now the north has its heart of fashion once again.

These days, Le Breve specialises in all forms of apparel from the summer categories to the winter categories, but it’s the women’s and men’s gilet which is leading the way at the moment.

Customers are invited to browse our online shop and take a look at our selection of gilets. There will surely be a men’s or women’s gilet to suit everybody because they come in a wide variety of colours, sizes, and styles.

What’s more, Le Breve is committed to providing the pinnacle of quality, when it comes to clothing, at the lowest possible prices. So our gilets are available at prices to suit everybody, no matter your financial situation.