For a high quality service and old-fashioned courtesy, look no further than Warmseal, the double glazing Newcastle firm with a difference. Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, in the north east of England, Warmseal only sell products that are manufactured locally, believing in commitment and investment in the local economy.  This commitment extends to providing jobs and training in the region as well as a quick and efficient service to local customers. There is no hard sell, just a friendly and helpful service with the backing of years of experience.

Warmseal sell a wide range of double-glazed windows, which are British Standard accredited. Exceeding current energy requirements that are set in Building Regulations, the special outer glass allows solar energy to go through while at the same time the inner pane reflects heat into the room. Not only do they help keep the home cosy and keep heating costs down, they also provide a stylish look to the exterior with a wide range of colours or wood-grain finish. From casements to bay windows, with glass options including patterned or coloured, Warmseal windows can give a new lease of life to a tired looking home whilst making a positive impact on heating bills.


Warmseal SecurityDue to security key features such as installation practice and Kitemarks to British Standards specifications, Warmseal windows offer enhanced security and are recommended by police experts. Carrying the ‘Secured By Design’ logo awarded to products that carry an improved level of security and help reduce the risk of crime, Warmseal windows make the home a more secure environment.

Environmental Impact

Green Energy WindowsWarmseal is committed to creating a culture of environmental management by complying with environmental legislation and preventing pollution. By recycling installation waste and using locally based providers the company effectively reduces the consumption of resources. Using organically based profile in the products means that all windows and doors are recyclable post-use and all products are sustainable in manufacture. Not only is Warmseal reducing its own environmental footprint, by installing Warmseal windows in the home energy loss is diminished, making them the most environmentally friendly windows in the North East.

Warmseal is dedicated to providing customer satisfaction and throughout the process of choosing suitable products and having them installed, a member of the team is always on hand to provide advice. There is even an after care service for any problems or questions, giving the customer peace of mind that Warmseal will still be around even when the job is done.

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