There is a new trend among car owners in the North East that is transforming even the most bland, plain vehicles into rolling works of art. What is that trend? Car wrapping. All over the North East car owners are discovering that car wrap is a relatively inexpensive way to add a few accents, completely change the colour, or add unique artwork to their cars.

Vehicle WrappingCar wrap is a thin film that adheres to the painted surface of a car without the use of any permanent adhesives. It works on the same principle used for decorative window clings. And because the colours and designs are created using digital printing technology the possibilities are endless. If you can create a digital image on your computer, it can be transformed into a car wrap. It’s the ideal way to repaint or redecorate your vehicle without having to spray or hand paint.

The idea of car wrap is especially popular among businesses that use their vehicles for advertising purposes. The entire vehicle can be wrapped to show off our company logo and give a brief description along with phone number and website address. Custom panels can be created for special promotional offers; these can be applied and removed as needed.

Car wrap is a better alternative for this type of application because it’s a lot less expensive than hiring a professional artist to hand paint your vehicle with every new promotion. Wrapping is also more attractive than magnetic signs because it looks like a natural part of your vehicle rather than something just stuck it on.

For owners of older cars just beginning to show signs of body wear, wrapping them is a great option. Rather than get a complete repaint, car wrapping only requires the paint surface to be clean and free of rust. The wrap even helps protect the body against further damage. All in all it’s a great way to change the look of your car, protect an old and worn finish, and even add value to your vehicle.

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